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$43.00 Available February 2nd
$44.00 Available February 2nd
Staring February 2nd the Hey Birthday Chick Bundle & Hey Chick Bundle will be available in my Online Store.
You can View or Download the PDF here or shop now here or click the picture above.
You can View or Download the PDF here or Shop Now here or click the image above.
You can View and Download the PDF here.


2020-2021 Annual Catalog

View and Download the PDF here or click image. Shop Now here. Don’t have a Demonstrator and would like the new 2020-2021 Annual Catalog – I’d be happy to help – email me here to get yours!

Beginner Brochure

View and Download the PDF here click image. Shop Now here. Don’t have a Demonstrator and would like the new 2020-2021 Annual Catalog – I’d be happy to help – email me here to get yours!
Click here to Shop the Four Season Floral Cards
Four Season Floral Photopolymer Stamp Set (English)
Price: $14.00
Flowers For Every Season Card & More
Price: $10.00
Four Season Floral Cards Collection
Price: $46.50
Click here to Shop Cute Fruit Cards & Tags
Cute Fruit Photopolymer Stamp Set
Price: $16.00
Cute Fruit Collection
Price: $58.25
Click here to Shop Zany Zebras Cards
Zany Zebras Cling Stamp Set
Price: $19.00
Zany Zebras Cards Collection
Price: $59.75
Click here to Shop Hooray To You Cards & Envelopes
Hooray To You Cling Stamp Set
Price: $17.00
Hooray To You Collection
Price: $51.00
Click here to Shop the Simply Citrus All- Inclusive Card Kit
Simply Citrus All-Inclusive Card Kit (English)
Price: $32.00

Paper Trimmer

Paper Trimmer
Price: $25.00
Paper Trimmer
Price: $25.00
  • Cutting Blades Multipack $12.00 (item #152391)
  • Each Cutting Blades Multipack unit contains four blades.
Cutting Blades Multipack
Price: $12.00

New Style Dies and Embossing Folders

Here are some of the changes you’ll notice with our new-style dies and embossing folders:

  • Our new-style open dies (those that coordinate with stamps) use a high quality metal that’s thinner than before but still as strong and durable.
  • The new-style dies have an added lip to the inside of the blades.
  • On old-style dies, when you place an open die (dies that coordinate with stamps) over a stamped image, a small border of cardstock is visible around the stamped image. With new-style dies, the die hugs the edge of the stamped image. Instead of aligning the die to the space around the stamped image, you will align it to the edges of the stamped image. When the image is cut, there will still be a cardstock border around the image.



  • We’ve improved the adhesive that secures the dies to the insert sheet in the package so that it’s not too sticky. It’s easier to remove dies from the insert sheet, and the adhesive won’t cling to the dies.
  • We’ve standardized the size of the die inserts for easier storage based on our observation of how demonstrators store their dies. There are now only two insert sizes: 5″ x 7″ (12.7 x 17.8 cm), which coordinate in size with our stamp cases, and 6″ x 6″ (15.2 x 15.2 cm). The standard sizes will allow uniform storage in whatever system you use. The envelopes that the dies come in will be slightly larger.
  • With old-style Dynamic folders, we recommended you spritz cardstock before embossing to soften the fibers so you got a better impression. Now, that extra step will not be necessary because the new-style folders usually create a crisp impression without spritzing. The way the new folders are manufactured also gives us options for more detailed and intricate designs in the future.
  • 3D folders are thinner than our old-style Dynamic folders. Because they are thinner, you will need to use a shim, depending on the die-cutting & embossing machine you use.

3D Embossing Folder Plate

3D Embossing Folder Plate 149658
Price: $10.00
(Use the Gray #4 Specialty Plate 154711 $10 Available now instead)

Stampin’ Up! is introducing a new 3D Embossing Folder Plate to work with our new-style 3D embossing folders (which are thinner than our old-style Dynamic folders). This new Plate will be available in early June and is not the new 2019-2020 Annual Catalog.

How to Use the New Plate

The new plate makes up the difference in measurement between our old-style Dynamic Folders and our new-style 3D Folders in 21 mm gap machines (similar to the machine we used to offer). The 3D Embossing Folder Plate replaces the Standard Cutting Pads in your 3D embossing folder sandwich for continued high-quality emboss results.

To create your emboss sandwich:

  • Use a die-cutting & embossing machine platform as a base; no matter which machine you’re using, use the standard platform which comes with your machine.
  • Use the 3D Embossing Folder with your paper in the middle.
  • Then use the 3D Embossing Folder Plate on top.


Given the differences in machines and platforms, you may still have to add a shim to get your desired embossing results. (You can also spritz your paper before embossing to maximize your embossed impressions.)

Without the new 3D Embossing Folder Plate, you will need to use several shims with the Standard Cutting Pad in your 3D embossing folder sandwich, depending on the die-cutting & embossing machine you use. Most machines will need between three to five sheets of cardstock to shim. Please be careful in how you shim; start out with fewer sheets first, then add sheets to get your desired results. Stampin’ Up! will not be responsible to replace products broken due to using a sandwich which is too thick for a machine.

Big Shot Cutting Plates

Cutting Plates
Price: $11.00

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